Thursday, October 3, 2019

Your Reviews Matter!

Yes, we need and appreciate readers' reviews! They tell people looking to read a book opinions which help them decide. As a writer, I appreciate your time taken to read my book(s), and your personal review on &, and even here on my personal website. Your opinions help me learn what you liked, or disliked about my books, which help me write better.

So Keep On Reading, and I'll Keep On Writing!

This recent review is from K.D. McNiven

Big Jim is gripping, tense, a book I highly recommend June 16, 2019

Finished reading Big Jim by David Lucero. I really enjoyed this book. Lucero has written a historical novel about professional white hunters in the year of 1935. An extraordinary amount of research was given to this book- I felt as if I was drawn into the dangerous dark continent, walking through the long stalks of grass, experiencing the same tension and excitement his characters, Big Jim and Caesar experienced. Big Jim, called 'Kubwa Jim' in Swahili, which means Legend, earned the title because he had killed and survived an attack by a bull elephant. He and his partner, Caesar Wilde owned the struggling Peck and Wilde's African Safari business.
In the bush, circumstances can change in the blink of an eye- the hunter can easily become the hunted. I was surprised to learn professional hunters in the 20th century had a 50-50 chance of being attacked by lions and leopards, or be impaled and trampled by elephants, or gored by buffalo or Rhinos. Whew! makes you want to go on safari!
Not only did Lucero show how professional hunters play a role in the preservation of wildlife, but he also showed how they were pivotable in fending off poachers.
Lucero did a wonderful job at building tension throughout the book for the ultimate showdown at the end. Big Jim is gripping, tense, a book I can highly recommend. I also enjoyed the drawings throughout the book. I'm giving Big Jim 5 stars

Thursday, August 1, 2019

A Writer's Resolution for 2019

Here's some information I read for every writer's challenge. I find it helpful in our ever-challenging world of literature. The 5 tips below are from Michael Spelling's '5 Resolutions Every Writer Should Make!

1. Read a lot - and not only genre your write about. Reading books from different genres you don't usually read or write helps you learn new writing styles, which in turn improve your own style.
2. Join writing communities - You can do this in local groups, or if you're pressed for time, online writing groups. You will learn new ways on marketing, publishing, and improve your overall image with readers and writers alike.
3. Create your own blog - This is helpful in marketing your book(s) and you as an author. You can include excerpts from your book, write short articles, all to generate excitement and curiosity about you and your books.
4. Stay consistent with your writing schedules - It's difficult to find time to write, but keeping with your writing schedule is no different than making time to exercise. Put it on your schedule and stick with it. Whether it's during work lunch, first thing in the morning before everyone awakens, or 30 minutes when you get home. Staying consistent will help you finish the book(s) you're working on.
5. Publish a book of your own - This experience will educate you on the intricacies of independent publishing. It's a lot of work, but gratifying. You'll have to find editors, graphic designers for covers, reviewers. It's all worth the time and effort in the end, and don't be surprised if people start looking to you for help.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Reviews for 'Big Jim' - my latest adventure/thriller!

"Big Jim takes the reader on a safari where one can feel the heat and smell the dust of the hunt!" - InD'tale Magazine

"Big Jim presents a delightfully involving African saga for readers which explores much more than the thrill of the hunt alone." - Midwest Book Review

"Big Jim introduced me to the Africa of the 1950s. It's filled with larger-than-life characters traveling across rich, beautiful African landscape where death can strike in the blink of an eye. Readers will be left on the edge of their seat as they travel on safari with a hunter facing his greatest challenge." - Matt Schott, author

"Big Jim is a story of friendships and rivalries, of stunning scenery with unsurpassed beauty and the brutal reality of death that lurks     even stalks     those who don't give the land and wildlife their full respect. Readers will be dazzled as civilized society tries its hand in the untamed bush." - Susan Colvin Brewer, writer and safari traveler

"In David Lucero's gripping novel, 'Big Jim' battles an impossible creature on a mystical mission to wipe out the white hunters. Throughout this novel the reader is taken on a journey deep in the African bush for the final encounter in the long grass." Roger L. Conlee, author

Reviews help authors! Leaving an Amazon & Goodreads Review increases a book's visibility. Please leave your review and keep on reading!

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

'Big Jim' - An Exciting Thriller Set During the Golden Era of African Safaris!

David Lucero's latest novel now available in paperback and kindle!

James 'Big Jim' Peck is a highly-sought professional game hunter in Africa; but when a client is killed in a hunting expedition gone awry, he's forced to hang up his guns and retreat to his plantation during an ongoing investigation.

When a rogue Cape buffalo villagers believe is infused with an evil spirit terrorizes the territory, Big Jim agrees to track and kill the creature. With his trusted partner, Caesar Wilde, and American photo-journalist Mary Watkins, they embark on a journey in the African bush.

After a series of inexplicable deadly encounters the hunters soon realize they are up against a creature unlike any other they have hunted, and before long they learn what it is like when the hunter becomes... the hunted!

Enjoy this promotional video of my latest novel which takes the reader to a time when African safaris were the ultimate adventure!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Who's Minding the Store? in Paperback & Kindle

Wholesale chaos in the world of Retail...
Derrick Payton, assistant manager of a high-end home improvement store, has been waiting nine years for a promotion to full store manager.  Now, the job has fallen into his lap.  Unfortunately, the store he’s been handed is on a downhill skid, and he only has a week to turn it around.
Now he has to battle crazy customers, employees who think the time clock is optional, and the dreaded Wicked Witches of the West—a pair of back-stabbing female associates who are determined to see him go down in flames.
His wife is pushing him to ask for a raise; his staff is trying to push him out the door; and his customers are about to push him over the edge.  Caught in the middle, Derrick can’t help but wonder...
Who says the customer is always right?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Sandman - available in hard and soft cover, and kindle

Code Name: SANDMAN
When CIA's top saboteur infiltrates Bushehr Nuclear Research Facility in Iran and starts a fire threatening a core meltdown, Iran's worst nightmare is about to become reality!

But the saboteur     codename: Sandman     soon finds his luck turn for worse when he fails to compromise a secondary control room capable of providing vital coolant to the reactor, which would prevent disaster. The setback means he must remain in the facility until a meltdown is assured, making his escape an impossibility!

Unbeknownst to the saboteur, the Israeli Mossad have infiltrated their own agent to track his mission progress. Should he fail, this agent will signal for an Israeli air strike on the facility, threatening to kill them all.

With time running out, a brilliant Iranian Army officer takes charge of the battle against the saboteur, matching wits as they outmaneuver each other in dark corridors of the underground complex for the all-important secondary control room.  But with each passing second, temperature in the reactor rises, bringing them closer to nuclear catastrophe!

And just who is this saboteur? What kind of man follows through on a mission where he will likely die?  And what will happen if he manages to trigger a Chernobyl-scale nuclear catastrophe on Iranian soil?
The countdown is on....