Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Have a look at Amazon's David Lucero Page for his available books!

Hi! Click on the link below my photo to visit Amazon's David Lucero Page. Here you will find a list of my available published books in hard and soft cover, and kindle versions. Your time is important to me, and I appreciate your choice to read my books.

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  1. Great pictures, but you are always handsome,1)got that out of the way,2) David, if I send you my tiniwiniest liite 5 chapter book that I would love to publish in children’s fantasy world you read it! 3,) I will give you a complement a day for a year, 4) I not a push over ) 5 ) getting there though) 6 ) I will end in please. But has just won the EAwards a large award on Wattpad and in Humor was intended humor but that is the genre I put it. I really think you well enjoy it. Several known authors in England and Wales love my work, I would love you to take a peek

    1. Hi! Didn’t get your message til now. The notifications must be off. Sure! Send me copy to lucerobooks@gmail.com
      Keep on writing!

  2. Hello sir. This is your ollllld pal Tim from CVHS.