Sunday, June 30, 2019

'Big Jim' - An Exciting Thriller Set During the Golden Era of African Safaris!

David Lucero's latest novel now available in paperback and kindle!

James 'Big Jim' Peck is a highly-sought professional game hunter in Africa; but when a client is killed in a hunting expedition gone awry, he's forced to hang up his guns and retreat to his plantation during an ongoing investigation.

When a rogue Cape buffalo villagers believe is infused with an evil spirit terrorizes the territory, Big Jim agrees to track and kill the creature. With his trusted partner, Caesar Wilde, and American photo-journalist Mary Watkins, they embark on a journey in the African bush.

After a series of inexplicable deadly encounters the hunters soon realize they are up against a creature unlike any other they have hunted, and before long they learn what it is like when the hunter becomes... the hunted!

Enjoy this promotional video of my latest novel which takes the reader to a time when African safaris were the ultimate adventure!