Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Sandman - available in hard and soft cover, and kindle

Code Name: SANDMAN
When CIA's top saboteur infiltrates Bushehr Nuclear Research Facility in Iran and starts a fire threatening a core meltdown, Iran's worst nightmare is about to become reality!

But the saboteur     codename: Sandman     soon finds his luck turn for worse when he fails to compromise a secondary control room capable of providing vital coolant to the reactor, which would prevent disaster. The setback means he must remain in the facility until a meltdown is assured, making his escape an impossibility!

Unbeknownst to the saboteur, the Israeli Mossad have infiltrated their own agent to track his mission progress. Should he fail, this agent will signal for an Israeli air strike on the facility, threatening to kill them all.

With time running out, a brilliant Iranian Army officer takes charge of the battle against the saboteur, matching wits as they outmaneuver each other in dark corridors of the underground complex for the all-important secondary control room.  But with each passing second, temperature in the reactor rises, bringing them closer to nuclear catastrophe!

And just who is this saboteur? What kind of man follows through on a mission where he will likely die?  And what will happen if he manages to trigger a Chernobyl-scale nuclear catastrophe on Iranian soil?
The countdown is on....


  1. January 2013 marks the fourth anniversary I announced the release of my thriller novel, THE SANDMAN.

    When your read book details you will find my story to be relevant even today, as the world struggles on how to deal with a nuclear Iran.

    My inspiration for this story came from my favorite type of novels I enjoy reading. I love action novels, and a writer once said, "Write what you know, or write what you like to read."

    That was enough to tell me what I needed to do. The research for this type of novel was fun. I found a book about nuclear power plants at a thrift store, and when I saw it only had 96 pages I knew it was something I could understand.

    I then studied up on who the C.I.A. would send for a mission of sabotage, and was surprised to find he wouldn't be the James Bond-type, but rather a specialist in sabotage. This would have to be the type person who could blend into a crowd without attracting any attention to him or herself. They would need a working knowledge of explosives, infiltration, undercover work, and other skills you will read about in my book.

    As a veteran, I found a way to write about the experience of parachute jumping I had while serving in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division. There's a chapter in my book where Israeli soldiers must infiltrate by parachute for a secret base. That was a lot of fun to write about that.

    Then there was the introduction of Mossad characters who in some ways got in the way of THE SANDMAN's mission. I won't spoil that for you thought. If you haven't already read my book, that's what you'll have to do to find out what I mean.

    A recent review from a friend I made in the Army mentioned how he liked the fact I left the end of my story open for sequels. Well, John, you were right on the mark! THE SANDMAN, whose name is mentioned in the book, is a revolving character I plan on bringing back in a string of sequels.

    However, I want to be seen as a versatile writer, one of the reasons I wrote 'Who's Minding the Store,' which is a story more in line with what I know.

    I've received compliments from readers about the research I did and book flow for my story. I needed to research this because I knew absolutely nothing about nuclear plants and the last thing I wanted was for my character to be seen as a second-rate James Bond, which is why I describe him completely different, and more in line with how this type of person would be.

    If you've read my novel, you have my thanks, and I ask you to please post your review on amazon. Authors enjoy nothing more than for people to make time to read our book(s). If you haven't read THE SANDMAN you can still find it on amazon in hard and soft cover, and eKindle. Signed copies of this book are at Mysterious Galaxy Books located at 7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite 302, San Diego, CA, 92111.

    Thank you once again! As I've said before, keep on reading and I'll keep on writing!


  2. My thanks to Jason, whom I met at the RB Alive Street Fair on June 2. Jason bought a copy of THE SANDMAN saying, "This should be a great book to read on my next flight." It was a pleasure meeting you, Jason.

    You can order a copy direct from my sight, or through your local bookstore and save on shipping when you do.

    Happy reading!


  3. David, this was an exciting book. It kept me interested all the way to the end. Love it!

    1. Thank you here, too, Francine! I'm working on the sequel for this as well.