Friday, May 10, 2019

Who's Minding the Store? in Paperback & Kindle

Wholesale chaos in the world of Retail...
Derrick Payton, assistant manager of a high-end home improvement store, has been waiting nine years for a promotion to full store manager.  Now, the job has fallen into his lap.  Unfortunately, the store he’s been handed is on a downhill skid, and he only has a week to turn it around.
Now he has to battle crazy customers, employees who think the time clock is optional, and the dreaded Wicked Witches of the West—a pair of back-stabbing female associates who are determined to see him go down in flames.
His wife is pushing him to ask for a raise; his staff is trying to push him out the door; and his customers are about to push him over the edge.  Caught in the middle, Derrick can’t help but wonder...
Who says the customer is always right?


  1. I'll be visiting the Nan Couts Cottage on Friday August 23, 2013 as a guest speaker discussing my latest book. If you have questions about becoming a writer I'd be happy to share my experiences.

    Nan Couts Cottage, 5045 Memorial Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

  2. A customer is running their remodel instead of hiring a project manager to handle the issues that arise when taking on such a job. She can't understand why product doesn't arrive on time and does not know the meaning of 'estimated time of arrival.' Should I be surprised?

  3. Had a fabulous time at the Paradise Hills Public Library Reader's & Writer's Event. I displayed my books alongside many talented authors.

  4. I loved it David! I can relate to this book. It was easy to read and follow.

    1. Thank you, Francine! I appreciate your comment and the time you made to read my books.